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High Value, High Potential, High Growth! NeoCura was awarded the "2022 CYZONE Top 100 Future Unicorns"


On December 29, 2022, the 2022 CYZONE Top 100 Future Unicorns Summit and CYZONE Annual Conference was successfully held in Shanghai. At the summit, guests in attendance discussed hot topics and explored new industry paradigms. At the same time, the conference officially released the annual list of "2022 CYZONE Top 100 Future Unicorns".

As an innovative force in the development field of AI+RNA drugs NeoCura was awarded the "2022 CYZONE Top 100 Future Unicorns" for its outstanding performance in multiple dimensions such as capital value, growth rate, and development prospects.


With new technologies, applications, and trends nurtured, Unicorn companies are leaders / weathervanes in technological innovation and economic growth. The accelerated expansion of China's unicorn companies is due to the incubation & cultivation and rapid growth of potential new-generation business forces. The selection of "CYZONE Top 100 Future Unicorns" excavates new-generation business forces from a professional perspective to discover Chinese unicorns and potential unicorns, so as to accelerate incubation and cultivation of them, and help enterprises leap forward rapidly.

Being awarded as one of the "2022 CYZONE Top 100 Future Unicorns" reflects the industry's high recognition of NeoCura and its enormous potential in the RNA-based R&D of innovative drugs. It is an indispensable backbone force in the industry.


Innovation is the accelerator for the high-quality development of the biopharmaceutical industry. As a leader in the domestic RNA-based innovative drug field, NeoCura has always been highly regarded and favored by the capital market. At present, it has successfully completed RMB 250 million A-round financing and RMB 500 million A+ round financing, continuously accelerating the AI+RNA-based research and development process of innovative drugs. Its R&D pipelines have been clinically explored in many grade A class 3 hospitals such as Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing Cancer Hospital, and the PLA General Hospital, and have obtained good safety and efficacy data.

In the future, NeoCura will leverage its unicorn potential to continue to be a practitioner and creator in the RNA-based innovative drug field, to accelerate the clinical translation of pharmaceutical innovative achievements, and contribute to the development of the industry and innovation of the field.

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