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For virus prophylaxis, NeoCura develops prophylactic mRNA vaccines for different viruses. For selected viral antigen targets, NeoCura self-designed mRNA could express related antigens in vitro and in vivo with high efficiency, activating antigen specific humoral and cellular immune response, producing antibodies and memory cells, to achieve a safe and effective virus prophylactic goal.

MRNA vaccine induced immune response

Product Highlights

Self adjuvant effects

Non-cell cultured vaccine products, safer

Low toxicity and no integrating risk

Fast vaccine design

Technical Superiority

Self-developed sequence optimization plaform

Relatively simple and fast vaccine design

Simple and standardized manufacture.

Clinical Value

For sudden infection pandemic or virus infections with no vaccines currently available, mRNA vaccine could be designed with high speed and efficiency. 

mRNA vaccine is with relatively low toxicity, safe and reliable.

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