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The tumor microenvironment immuno-modulator NeoCura      IM is composed of coding cytokine mRNAs that have an immunomodulatory activity. It is intended for immunotherapy of solid tumors. NeoCura      IM can help patients use the specific immunoregulatory factors produced by their own cells to activate the bodys innate and adaptive immune responses,  enhance the bodys antitumor ability, and thereby achieve the goal of  killing the tumor or controlling malignant tumor progression. It can be used in combination with neoantigen therapy or other immunotherapies.



Product Highlights

Optimized combination

Activated immune function

Clear-cut mechanism

Efficient delivery

Long half-life

High stability

Less toxicity

Good tolerability

Low immunogenicity

Technical Superiority

Independently developed, functional domain-based molecular design and sequence optimization platform;

Short R&D cycle, easy manufacturing process, and normalizable;

Improved pharmacokinetic profile, and enhanced drug tolerability and activity.

Clinical Value

Tumor immunoregulatory factors destroy tumors mainly by activating the body's immune system. NeoCura      IM can be used alone, or in combination with different immunotherapies (including various kinds of immune checkpoint inhibitors, tumor vaccines, and immune cell therapy, etc.) to exert synergistically enhanced immune effects, through which a 1+1>2 efficacy can be achieved to improve the overall response rate of tumor immunotherapy.


NeoCura     IM can be used in combination with other immunotherapies


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