Scientific Achievements

Nat. Mach. Intell. 1, 191C198 (2019).

Mol. Diagnosis Ther. 24, 125C132 (2020).

Cancers (Basel). 10, 307-326 (2018).

BMC Bioinformatics 22, 1C12 (2021).

IF (Impact Factor)Journal/Year TitleAuthor
41.84Science. 2020 Precise pitch-scaling of carbon nanotube arrays within three-dimensional DNA nanotrenches.Sun W, Shen J, Zhao Z, et al.
42.78Nature. 2019 Viral and metazoan poxins are cGAMP-specific nucleases that restrict cGAS-STING signalling. Eaglesham JB, Pan YD, Kupper TS., Kranzusch PJ.
38.63Cell. 2018 PNPT1 release from mitochindria during apoptosis triggers decay of polyadenylated RNAs.Liu X, Fu R, Pan YD, Meza-Sosa K, et al.
15.58Mol Cell. 2018N6-methyladenosine guides mRNA alternative translation during integrated stress response.Ji Wan, Yuanhui Mao, Xin Yuan, Xingqian Zhang, Martin E Hess,Shu-Bing Qian, et al.
42.78Nature.2017 Tissue resident memory T cell survival requires exogenous lipid uptake and metabolism(F1000 recommended).Pan YD, Tian T, Park CO, Lofftus SY, Mei SL, Liu X, Luo C, OMalley JT, Gehad A, et al.
42.78Nature. 2016Inflammasome-activated gasdermin D causes pyroptosis by forming membrane pores.Liu X*, Zhang ZB*, Ruan JB*, Pan YD, Magupalli VG, Wu H, Lieberman J.
30.82 Nature Methods.2016 A genetically targetable near-infrared photosensitizer. He J., Wang Y.,Onuoha E., Perkins LA.,Croix CM., Tsang M., Bruchez MP,et al.
12.12Nature Commun.2016 Nano-caged Enzymes with Enhanced Catalytic Activity and Increased Stability against Protease Digestion.Z. Zhao, J. Fu,M. Liu, T. Zhang, N. Woodbury, Y. Liu, N. Walter*, H. Yan*,et al.
30.82 Nature Methods. 2015Quantitative profiling of initiating ribosomes in vivo.Xiangwei Gao*, Ji Wan*, Botao Liu, Ming Ma, Ben Shen and Shu-Bing Qian.(*Joint First Author
42.78Nature 2015Dynamic m(6)A mRNA methylation directs translational control of heat shock response.Jun Zhou, Ji Wan, Xiangwei Gao, Xingqian Zhang, Samie R. Jaffrey, Shu-Bing Qian.
*Presentation of some achievements in no particular order

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