AI Bioinformatic Target Mining Platform

NeoCura AI Bioinformatic Target Mining Platform provides target options for tumor diagnosis and treatmentbased on the independently developed artificial intelligence and bioinformatic algorithms. By  extracting related characteristics of multi-omics data and building deep learning networkthe Platform identifies targets that have potential efficacy and  biomarker  implication to tumor treatment and diagnosis  respectively.

Technical superiority

Compared with other public algorithms, the independently developed ALPINE cancer neoantigen prediction platform with sole ownership,  provides 30% or more increase in the prediction accuracy  based on the public dataset of the Tumor Neoantigen Selection Alliance (TESLA);

Based on deep learning, the self-built MATHLA model is significantly superior to the models  commonly used in the industry in terms of the prediction accuracy and coverage of HLA allele-binding peptide mapping.

Combining multi-omics data with the AI algorithm, the Platform performs deep mining of targets from multiple perspectives such as biochemistry, biophysics, and functional analysis.

With accumulated thousands of samples, multi-omics data can support the optimization of the model continuously.

The independent high-throughput preliminary screening targets of the experimental platform provide high-quality feedback for the optimization of AI algorithm.

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