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NeoCura       Ag is a frontier treatment regimen based on the artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Through high-throughput sample sequencing and AI algorithm prediction, it  identifies the optimal neoantigen fragments that can be efficiently bound to and presented by patients' tumor cells, so as to trigger the immune response of the body to tumor-specific mutants, then synthesizes the corresponding coding mRNA neoantigen  preparations for tumor treatment. Compared to traditional drugs, NeoCura      Ag features stronger immunogenicity that can induce specific anti-tumor immune response in humans.Based on its R&D experience and technical superiority, NeoCura develops personalized neoantigens for different individuals and establishes public neoantigen libraries for multiple types of cancers through sequencing and data analysis of large number of clinical samples collected from tumor patients, which significantly reduces the cost of neoantigen drug therapy and shortens the preparation time. So far, NeoCura has cooperated with many hospitals to conduct relevant trials.



Product Highlights

Less toxicities

Avoid immune tolerance

retaining long-acting immunological memory

Better efficacy  in combination therapy

Technical Superiority

Compared with other public algorithms, the NeoCura       cancer neoantigen prediction platform ALPINE, independently developed with sole ownership,  offers 30% or  higher accuracy of prediction  compared to the public dataset of the Tumor Neoantigen Selection Alliance (TESLA);

Based on deep learning, the self-built MATHLA model is significantly superior to the models universally used in the industry in terms of the prediction accuracy and coverage of HLA allele-binding peptide mapping;

NeoCura has accumulated  vast amounts of tumor patient neoantigen sequencing and validation data (completed neoantigen-related sequencing data of 7 types of tumors in hundreds of patients and over 2000  chains of peptide immunogenicity data);


Based on self-owned large-scale experimental validation data, the mRNA sequence optimization and computation model enhances mRNA sequence translation efficiency by 5-10 times;

The CMC process for RNA drugs has been established at domestic leading quality.

Clinical Value

Short-term value

For early patients, NeoCura     Ag can be used in combination with other therapies to achieve better efficacy and improve long-term prognosis. It is expected to be the last treatment option for advanced patients who have failed multiple lines of therapies;


Interim value

NeoCuraAg can be used in combination with surgery or other tumor therapies to eliminate residual tumor lesions, reduce risk of relapse and metastasis, prolong survival,  improve prognosis and quality of life;

Long-term value

Based on its breakthrough clinical value, NeoCura     Ag will definitely generate immeasurable economic and social  outcome, benefit tumor patients, and greatly relieve the burden of public health resources.


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