Drug Screening & Validation Platform

In the field of neoantigen therapy, NeoCura has built a unique Drug Screening & Validation platform, which, at molecular and cellular levels, can accurately and rapidly identify the neoantigen combination(s) with the best effect from a variety of predicted neoantigens. Based on this platform, an efficacy assessment system is established accordingly  to accurately assess the clinical effect of the neoantigen therapy in patients.

Technical superiority

Employing   proprietary attomole-level (10 mol) high-precision mass-spectrometric analysis platform (LC/MS/MS) to detect the HLA binding peptides on tumor cell surface directly;

Compared to the standard procedure, the modified ELISPOT analysis platform shortens analysis time and testing cycle significantly, while only requiring 1/10 volume of the biological sample needed  by other platforms of the same kind

Adopt multimer flow cytometry to visually detect the amplification of specific T cells in patients treated with neoantigen therapy, making the assessment more objective and accurate;

Successfully built a variety of tumor-bearing animal models to validate the efficacy, pharmacokinetics, toxicology, and safety of candidate drugs in vivo.

In-vitro screening process performed on the platform accumulates specific T cells TCR sequence information of multiple cancer neoantigens,  which provides resource  reservoir for technical optimization of tumor immunotherapy;

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