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Empowered by AI, Innovation Leads to Growth! NeoCura was listed in "2022 Future Healthcare VB100-Top 100 Innovative Biomedicine Companies"

On June 14 -18, 2022, "The Sixth 2022 Future Healthcare VB100 Conference", sponsored by vbdata.cn, kicked off online. With "Legend of China as theme, industry hotspots were analyzed from five dimensions, including policy orientation, technological frontier, capital perspective, industrial innovation and market demand. Developmental trend of future healthcare industry was interpreted, to promote the transformation of innovative healthcare industry. In addition to the insightful contents shared at each forum, the series lists of "2022 Future Healthcare VB100" were formally released.

As one of the leading enterprises in the research and development of AI-empowered RNA drugs, NeoCura stands out from the "Biomedicine" track by its leading technological advantages and outstanding potential in the field of RNA innovative drugs and was listed in "2022 Future Healthcare VB100-Top 100 Innovative Biomedicine Companies".


In addition, Dr. Wang Yi, co-founder and & CEO of NeoCura, was awarded as [VB New Elite Scipioneers] in 2022 Future Healthcare VB100 Weilan Awards. As symbols of courage, calmness, reason and never giving up, " Weilan" award means a prestigious recognition of Dr. Wang Yi's innovation, team leading and industry influence in the research and development of RNA innovative drugs, accumulating energy for his future research and innovation.


The "Future Healthcare VB100" is the first list established for non-listed enterprises in innovative healthcare field in China. It aims to unearth the most representatively innovative and potential enterprises in the healthcare industry, to select Chinese innovative healthcare providers that truly represent the future healthcare development, so as to promote the innovation and transformation process of the healthcare industry. Over 7 years, the "Future Healthcare VB100" system has been continuously enriched. It is the annual evaluation in the life sciences and healthcare field that is most focused by the industrial and capital market.

Five master lists & value field list and two major awards were included in the list of this year. Among them, "TOP 100 Innovative Biomedicine Companies" is an authoritative list exclusively in the field of biomedicine. After six months of evaluation, with the enterprise value as the core assessment criteria, the growth and annual performance of enterprises were assessed based on 4 indicators of enterprises, i.e. human resources, intellectual property resources, important partner resources and market performance, and the list was finally made through the process ofindependent declaration of enterprises, review of VB100 review meeting, cross-review of supporting institutions and final review of expert committee.

NeoCura was placed in the list of "2022 Future Healthcare VB100 this year, which, once again, highlights its innovative vitality and development potential, and also provides a driving force for its innovation and development.


Any small steps forward taken by medical innovators may bring new hope to save more lives. As an AI+RNA innovative drug research and development enterprise, NeoCura has always taken innovation as its core driven power, and NeoCura has continuously achieved breakthroughs in the field of tumor immunotherapy relying on RNA innovative drug technology platform empowered by proprietary AI and Biotech,  to provide patients with innovative treatment protocols to improve patients lifespan and life quality.

In the future, NeoCura will focus on the unmet medical needs in areas such as cancer by continuously adopting the mode combining independent innovation with open-minds & cooperation, to be a "dreamer " on the road of research and development of innovative RNA drugs in China.

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