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NeoCura Honored as "the Most Valuable Enterprise for Healthcare Investment in 2021"

On May 26, 2022, CHC China Healthcare Consulting and CITIC Securities jointly released "Healthcare Industry Investment and Financing Glory List in China 2021" officially. A total number of 17 awards covering four categories, investment institutions, investors, enterprises and listed companies was announced.

As a leader in innovative RNA drug development based on AI algorithm, NeoCura Bio-Medical Technology Co., Ltd. ("NeoCura"), relying on its leading technology advantage, robust independent innovation capability and high-value development potential, was awarded the "Most Worthy of Investing Enterprise of Medical and Health Care 2021".


As an authoritative list in the field of healthcare, the "Healthcare Industry Investment and Financing Glory List in China 2021" is intended to "Crown those with value, and Build up energy for the industry development", to gather opinions from theGovernment, the Industry, the Academy, the Research, the Hospital, the Enterprise and Investment" to discover the precious institutions, enterprises and units in the Healthcare Industry. 

The Current award mainly focuses on several dimensions such as institutional active level, number of investment projects, excellent cases, investment returns, total capital under management, corporate financing and development, valuation, etc., and the award shall conduct data statistics, cross-comparison of advantages and disadvantages, classic selection and comprehensive evaluation of potential in line with a strict, fair and open principle. The award of "Most Valuable Enterprise in Healthcare 2021" marks the authoritative recognition of NeoCura's potential in terms of pipeline value and business model. 

As the old saying goes "As sturdy grass withstands strong winds, so a hero proves his potential in crucial hours", we've experienced a lot in 2021, and we are one of the many companies that stick to the value of industry and stand out on top in the big wave. In December 2021, NeoCura announced the completion of the A+ round financing of 500 Million RMB, to further push NeoCuras R&D pipeline ahead, and continuously to optimize the AI (artificial intelligence) platform, to improve the construction of RNA drug manufacturing site, and to accelerate the clinical trial and commercial process of tumor innovative drugs. 

NeoCura, a China  based R&D biotech with featuring of AI-empowered RNA precision medicine. NeoCura has built multi-omics data collection platform and corresponding omics database, utilized proprietary AI and bioinformatics technologies for therapeutic target deep mining and fully automated drug design. To date, over 10 pipelines are under development, covering tumor neoantigen vaccines, tumor microenvironment modulators and virus prophylactic vaccine etc. 

In the future, with the mission of "AI Protects Life and Health" upheld, NeoCura will continue innovating internal technology platform and accelerating the development of RNA drugs.

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